Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Movie Tuesday (on Monday)

There's usually nothing to see in the theaters (Perfect Stranger, which I saw last week is a Perfect Example of a movie not to bother with) until early summer when the blockbusters start but I saw Fracture last night and was very pleasantly surprised. Anthony Hopkins is always great. He's sort of like Sean Connery. Even when they're in a total dog of a movie, you can't fault their acting skills.

In Fracture, Hopkins shoots his wife in the face and it's up to a hotshot attorney in the DA's office, played by Ryan Gosling (of "The Notebook" fame), to send him to jail. Gosling is great in this role and reminds me strongly (and, a little eerily) of my son, Tony.

There's not much in the way of a physical resemblance but something about the way Gosling moves, holds his head, something...

Anyway, what's even more fun is that I had the movie figured out within the 1st half hour. I knew how the evil Hopkins tricked the investigators! It's worth the $7, huge praise coming from a movie junkie like me!