Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm reading The Case for A Creator by Lee Strobel and while much of it it way over my head parts of it ring a bell deep in my soul. Like this passage:

"...the fine-tuning for simplicity, beauty, and elegance does make sense under the God hypothesis. Think of the classical conception of God - he is the greatest possible being, and therefore a being with perfect aesthetic sensibility. It wouldn't be surprising at all for God to want to create a world of great subtlety and beauty at its most fundamental level."

For me, nature remains one of the strongest pathways for my interaction with God. My response to the beauty of creation is complete and utter gratitude for the love he demonstrates by the giving of this gift. Whether I'm standing at the edge of the ocean or flying over a lake with the power of the wind in the sails or standing on my backyard deck, my soul vibrates with joy in response to the glory of his work.

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