Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friend or Enemy?

These 88 cent plastic Walmart creatures are some of Aidan's favorite toys. He has a game that we've played over and over again. He never gets tired of it. He calls it the dinosaur game in spite of the fact that many of the animals are not dinosaurs. It goes like this: I am the Raptor (that mean looking guy in front). Aidan lines up all of the other animals on the floor. One by one, they climb up my leg and are confronted by the snarling Raptor who asks, in a mean growly voice,

"Are you a friend or an enemy"?

The response is always the same: "I'm a friend".

Then the Raptor says "Ok, you can stay".

The welcomed animal then rests in my lap until all of the animals have been welcomed. No script ad libs allowed. Changing the sequence or the words is grounds for a tantrum. I can't figure out why this game is so engaging for him. He'd play it forever if I'd agree. I'm good for about three rounds. Anyone have ideas?


Kathy Guy said...

Just cute!

Kristin Baker said...

Oh, the joys of repetitive kid games! This is adorable, but I can feel your discontent with the monotony. There are times when I think, if I have to play tinkerbell Barbies one more time, there are going to be some fairy wing casualties! : )