Friday, September 19, 2008

What's Next?

Two weeks ago almost 400 people went public with their faith by choosing to be baptized on the lawn at GCC. Last week over 1600 people came to the launch of the Journey classes and today we wrapped up the two day Innovate08 conference on our campus. Church leaders from all over the country came and allowed us two days to pour into them the best of how we do what we do. God continues to be glorified.

The most amazing thing to me is that I've been allowed to have a part in each of these events. I've had some sleepless nights lately wondering what in the world I'm doing here. I know God doesn't make mistakes but I have to ask, "what are You thinking"? Not that long ago I was living a life very far from Him. And tonight I'm basking in the glow of His favor. I didn't do anything to deserve this kind of privilege. For me, accepting grace is a truly humbling experience.

I enjoyed the conference today so much more because I could share it with Jim. This is the first year he's been able to attend. He volunteered to serve as a greeter which surprised me. He's usually not very comfortable in a role that means he has to talk to people he doesn't know but, wow! He was incredible! Almost every time I saw him he was engaged in earnest conversation with guests. And he loved it. Who knew?

He's been talking all evening about the people he interacted with for the past two days. He couldn't sleep last night remembering everything he saw and heard. For an introvert who's also kind of shy this much stimulus can be exhilarating. I'm so proud of him!

Another great feature for me was that I got to spend some time with my friends from Sunset Bay Chapel.

I've talked with Julie Siefert (front row next to her cowboy) for the last few years about her role as the Front Door Connections director, Sunset's version of our First Impressions. Julie's passion for people is evident after about 2 seconds in her company and the whole team is just a blast to hang out with.

I also got to sit in on my boss's breakout of his new book, Lasting Impressions. I'm hoping I can persuade him to autograph my copy when it's released later this year.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity but through it all the evidence of God's blessing is pervasive. I've stopped running many times to just wonder at how great He is to me, to all of us. I don't ever want to forget, even for a moment, to be grateful to the Author of all of this.

Next month we launch GCC Elkhart . The holiday season is just around the corner. I can't wait to see what's next!

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